American Gumbo*

American Gumbo*

Saturday, October 31, 2009


So. Thursday, I went to Think Tank's last night at 'Pubes' (Republic New Orleans) to see this fashion show. I decided to tape it for Damion and Jill, who is a manager at House Of Lounge. As I was taping, the security gaurds started asking me to back up, for no reason, as if I weren't taping the event. As i asked why, secutity told me it was told to him from the managers. So, this is what I was able to get. And once again, Fuck Republic. They're cowards.

house of lounge 10.29.2009 from Jonathan Jackson on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'i'm good'

Ok. I'm a little late on this one. This video is from the first week of October. I'd edited earlier, but like an idiot, I accidently deleted it. Anyway, The first two people in the video are KLC from No Limit and Primo. Primo was off the chain with his mix of his own produced hip-hop hits. The second is obviously N*E*R*D, featuring a new chick, who was pretty hot. Looked a little like M.I.A. Of course, the concert was off the chain, just hope N*E*R*D can keep up the pace of their last three albums, and don't sell out like The Black Eyed Peas... enjoy.

Soundtrack by The Clipse 'I'm Good' produced by The Neptunes

'Armed With A Heart'

Last night, I went to see Will Horton's new short film 'Armed With A Heart' at Zeitgeist in Central City. It was a cool flick. I've been a fan of Will from the mid 90's when he was directing music video's for Master P, Mystical, and The Ghetto Twins, among others. He was also a teacher of mine at UNO while he was pursuing his masters. 'Armed With A Heart' is the culmination of that Masters Degree, so it was great seeing another minority filmmaker, as well as a local idol, finish something that was started. I'm proud to know the brother.

(on a sidebar, this proves that education is the new crack for black men)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yancy Dance pt. 2

Here is Damion's new shit. Haven't listened to it yet, but I'm sure it kick's ass... This is a chick (Sienna West) posing in the nude. Has nothing to do with Damion Yancy or his music.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is a new video for 'Damion Yancy'. We shot it a couple of weeks ago at 'Throwback' at Republic, and I edited it to The Ramones and Bloc Party... because that's cool... 'Throwback' 10.16.2009
The Ramones-'Blitzkrieg Bop'
Bloc Party-'Helicopter'
Mixed by Damion Yancy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mike Kenny 'the filmmaker'

On a Wednesday night on Magazine St., Mike, Remi, Lisa, and Damion had drinks and talked about shit like which movie is better: Connan The Barbarian or The Last Dragon? And they told me I have to watch some film called 'Ice Pirates' that I'm pretty sure I've seen, but cannot remember. Anyway, with Mike Kenny's permission, I will start "The Mike Kenny Series" where Mike talks about films, the past, and whatever else we talk about when we grab a couple of beers and shoot the shit...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New version of LA/SPCA PSA

'Look Me In My Face' by Impulss

This is a video I edited, shot by Rome & Perez. They never released it, but I thought it was great. They said something about sync issues... You tell me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Classic

Yup. Here's another one from 'last nights party' from ATL. Linking this site to a blog makes my blog hot, but I've guessed you've guessed that already. Check out the album, and enjoy...

New Music From Damion Yancy

Per Damion Yancy: 'Here it is "Yancy Dance" ep. 1. Live, raw, & unedited. Retweet if you like. thank you kindly' Download Yancy Dance

Monday, October 12, 2009

LASPCA video

This is a video I directed for the LASPCA. Check it out :)

LA/SPCA PSA for "Hooray For Howlywood" :30 second spot. Saturday, November 14 at Mardi Gras World (Eastbank). "Howling Success" is the annual gala benefitting LA/SPCA. Tickets are $250 for patron party and $125 for gala.

Director: Jonathan Jackson
Director of Photography: Patrick Marrero
Producers:Thea Pagel, Jonathan Jackson, and LASPC

This is the band 'The Arcade Fire' from Canada. Their song, 'wake up' is the song playing in the trailer for 'Where The Wild Things Are". Can't wait to see the movie...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Star Eyes'

This is a video I did to play with some things. The song is called "Star Eyes" by, of all people, David Lynch. But it is a beautiful song, so peep it out...

Filmed in 1080i.

Alex Cornell

I came across this cat on vimeo. His name is Alex Cornell, and cat is hot. I think it was for a class project, but he made up a fake film fest called 'The Wes Anderson Film Festival' (which if this really existed, I'd be in that mofo nerded out). Check him out...

Cool Pics

This comes from my favorite pic site, 'last nights party', so I'll probably put some of their hot pics up every couple of days...

What? No Tulane fans?

I am still confused. Why are there no Tulane Green Wave Fans... or why are there so many LSU fans in New Orleans? It's funny, because it's pretty quiet in the city right now after LSU lost to Florida, which was pretty much expected. But is no one sad that Tulane lost? I think Tulane needs your support, especially considering their gonna get their ass bust be Houston next week. Come on son... can we get a titty to suck on also?