American Gumbo*

American Gumbo*

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'i'm good'

Ok. I'm a little late on this one. This video is from the first week of October. I'd edited earlier, but like an idiot, I accidently deleted it. Anyway, The first two people in the video are KLC from No Limit and Primo. Primo was off the chain with his mix of his own produced hip-hop hits. The second is obviously N*E*R*D, featuring a new chick, who was pretty hot. Looked a little like M.I.A. Of course, the concert was off the chain, just hope N*E*R*D can keep up the pace of their last three albums, and don't sell out like The Black Eyed Peas... enjoy.

Soundtrack by The Clipse 'I'm Good' produced by The Neptunes

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