American Gumbo*

American Gumbo*

Monday, November 2, 2009

'Halloween Frenchman St. 2009'

Halloween started off very promising. I was on Frenchman, listening to Electro. Then I was on Frenchman, which was hella packed, looking at a ton of Billy Mays. Then came the dude in the blue anime suit and his band, who sounded like a backup band for Outcast. It was one of the greatest times ever, but it also felt like the scene from 'The 10 Commandments', where Moses comes off the mountain and throws the tablets to the ground because they were worshiping false idols... yea, that's what it felt like. Then it went downhill. Chicks lose purses, throw up, and for some strange reason, I became a babysitter. Gotta watch em'... them ho's must have me fucked up with someone else...

"Sitting Around Keeping Score" by Spymob
& Original Frenchman St. Sounds

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